What some of our current MbN users say about
Managing by Numbers...


Michael Briscoe
General Sales Manager Pacific Toyota

The data that is coming from the MbN website is the best I have seen! 

Naturally when the benchmark is raised, thoughts of how much more we can measure then becomes the standard. Any additional Predictive Analytics data will help us sell more cars or train people in their areas of need. I believe the number and percentage of Be Backs is the most important Predictive Analytic to me, as sales to day 1 contacts are being closed at around 15% and my objective is a real 30% closing ratio across all sales opportunities. Walk ins are now the lowest dominator in traffic compared to Internet and phone up selling opportunities. MbN data is an incredible management tool to maintain high performance and to identify specific training needs. We have live data on trade in and Business Manager introductions as both of these areas are critical to maximising performance.  Sourcing inventory for our used car departments and maximising the F&I penetration are both critical!

Mark Pagett
General Manager Ken Mills Toyota Maroochydore and Nambour

My sales managers and I use MbN data to help us identify if any of the sales team is having trouble with any part of the sales process, e.g., their demo drive ratio, business manager introductions, phone appointments and shows and Internet appointments and shows. Also very useful information on follow up be back ratios and any of the KPI’s that drive the sales best sales process result.

I can see by the productivity if any sales team member has lost confidence by their productivity share of the total traffic.

I also use the MbN data to identify any deficient areas of the sales teams sales process and I can apply specific training solutions to the particular areas that need training and see an immediate immediate improvement. Without MbN, would be like flying blind!

Sam Nixon
Dealer Princiapl Launceston

Managing by Numbers is a serious business tool due to the real time Predictive Analytics available. The market continuously changes and we need to change with it to maximise sales and income. The MbN analytics drill down into areas that were not previously available to Dealers and having that information allows the executive team to base actions based on current data compared to best practice KPI’s. 

Once the system is learned, it is intuitive and easy to operate but the information available is terrific.